5 on Trend Men's Swim Briefs

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Get yourself tropical ready with the biggest men's summer trend - men's swim briefs. Swimwear is the one item of clothing you will definitely wear the most during the summer and classed up swim briefs are a must in your warm weather wardrobe. Aside from showing off a little more skin, they're extremely durable, chlorine and salt water resistant. 
Neglected in the past few years in favour of men's swim trunks, swim briefs are back and trending! Here are the top 5 swim briefs that are in and trending this summer!

Blue Swim Briefs:
Nothing quite says "take me to the beach" like a pair of blue swim briefs. A low rise waist accentuates your V line, and of course, quick drying to keep you comfier for longer. 

Red Swim Briefs:
Looking for a sportier style? These camo swim briefs will do anything but help you blend in. When all you're looking for from a pair of men's swim briefs is superior craftsman ship, fully lined and supportive, look no further than Tucann's swim briefs.

Pink Swim Briefs:
Boasting a low rise fit, accompanied with a vibrant and fun flamingo print, these pink swim briefs aren't for the faint hearted! Wether you want to hit the waves or soak up the sun, you will know you're fully supported in these flamingo swim briefs. Leave dull swimwear in the past and let everyone know you're here to make a statement!

Green Swim Briefs:
Featuring a cut and print that will leave onlookers wanting more, these men's swim briefs are sleek, supportive and slightly suggestive ;) Tones of green and black stripe together to create a seamless look. Paired with a solid black waistband, metal hardware and a supportive adjustable fit.

Black and Gold Swim Briefs:
Perhaps the most sleek pair of swim briefs your eyes will ever come across, these barley there swimmers are for royal rebels who don't mind showing off a little extra skin. Picture yourself basking in the sun on the Amalfi coast, eating grapes, looking like a greek god! Look good? We think so too!

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