About us

Tucann begun in Melbourne, Australia in 2017 - after being unable to find the perfect pair of mens swim trunks I decided to set out to create them.

I wanted to fix what was wrong with swim trunks as I saw it, common problems for me included;

• An abrasive mesh liner or no liner at all
• Lacking zip pockets 
• Length being too long or short
• Fit being too tight or too baggy
• Slow to dry / abrasive outer material
• No stretch / elasticity for movement
• Poor design / bland patterns and options

Working on creating the 'perfect swim trunk' took over 12 months and a lot of iterations. But... it was worth the effort, we nailed it. I created a shorter length short which featured 4 way stretch, quick dry materials and what we would soon refer to as an 'Aqua liner' - in essence, an inner compression / swim fabric liner which meant you no longer needed to wear underwear while swimming, no more mesh rash / itch and peace of mind that everything stays in place. 

With thanks to our loyal customers and our passionate staff, since 2017 we have expanded to include a local USA warehouse and sold trunks to 110 different countries maintaining an exceptional 4.8 star review rate.

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- Andrew, Director