How to care for your Tucann's

Swim trunks can withstand heavily chlorinated pools, salt water and other harsh environments, and since you'll be wearing your swim trunks at the pool, beach and on holidays, it's well worth learning how to care for them properly!

Washing your swim shorts:

  • After visiting the beach we highly suggest stepping under the shower or a running tap to remove any excess sand.
  • Hand wash your swim trunks in warm water and gently hand massage with soap. Do NOT machine wash. This can cause damage to the zipper pockets, rubber logo and metal aglets. 
Drying your swim shorts:
  • Place your swim trunks on a shaded flat surface away from direct sunlight. Do NOT tumble dry your swim trunks, this can be very damaging.

If you want your swim trunks to withstand the test of time, it's important to care for them. If you you follow the simple wash and care steps above, they will last you a lifetime of of vacationing and beach days!