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Compact, light weight, quick dry beach towels!

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Tucann became obsessed with the idea of creating the ultimate men’s beach shorts after struggling to find men’s beach wear that excelled in more than one area. If the shorts had pockets they were too long or too short; if they were the right length, they were overly tight or baggy; and if they were the right fit, they lacked in technical areas or had poor design...

Oh, and the dread of sitting on the beach uncomfortably in wet and sandy shorts. Tucann aims to ensure you never have to experience that again. Our design makes sure that you’re extremely comfortable and confident with what you’re wearing. They’re so versatile, it doesn’t matter if you’re at a pool party, walking your dog or enjoying the beach, you'll always be comfortable in Tucann.

Tucann creates beach shorts exclusively for men. We’re specialists, so you can trust us when we say we know what you’ll want when your shopping for shorts. All the beach wear has been customized to your liking – and it all comes down to the perfect patterns, sizing, quick-dry material, built in support and pockets to make you look and feel more confident.

These shorts are fashioned to fit any man’s body flawlessly. You can check out our sizing to find the best fit for you. Tucann’s board shorts are long-lasting due to the quick-dry material and high-quality construction. This guarantees every product is as awesome as the last. The zipper pockets are customised to perfectly fit your phone in comfortably. Plus, they are also dust and water resistant.  To top it all off, every pair is designed with exclusive and fun patterns, so everyone will be wondering where you got them. It’s a product that you'll love to wear at any occasion.

Tucann started its brand in Australia when they were unable to find the perfect male beach shorts. Tucann now operates exclusively online with shipping warehouses in both Australia and the USA. We ship internationally, so you have the convenience of getting your Tucanns right to your door, where ever you are.

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Think these beach shorts will look good? Just wait until you actually try them on!

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