Swim Shorts for different body shapes - how to find the perfect fit

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Swim shorts are an essential part of a man's summer wardrobe, and finding the perfect pair for your body shape can help you look and feel confident on the beach. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect swim shorts for your body type, however we preface that this is just a guide, and we encourage you to wear anything you feel most comfortable and confident in.

If you have a more muscular build, look for swim shorts made with a four way stretch material to provide more room and flexibility. Avoid tight-fitting swim shorts as they can be restrictive and uncomfortable. Opting for a shorter length will show off your hard work #thigstothesky

For men with a larger midsection or love handles, choose swim shorts with a drawstring or elastic waistband for added comfort and adjustability. Tucann swim trunks have been intelligently designed to encompass both an elastic waistband and drawstring closure, allowing you to adjust your swim short to fit exactly how you like.
For men with a shorter stature, opt for swim shorts with a shorter inseam, as they will create an illusion of longer legs. Avoid swim shorts with a baggy or oversized fit as they can make you look smaller. Consider swim shorts with vertical stripes or a solid color for added height.

Ultimately, Tucann Swimwear designs swim short so you can hit the beach confidently - you don't have to have washer board abs or chiseled muscles to rock a pair of Tucann's. Our men's
 swim shorts are designed with a focus on both style and comfort, so whether you have a lean, athletic build or a fuller figure, you can find a pair of swim shorts that fits and flatters your body shape. With a variety of colors, patterns, and styles available, Tucann offers something for everyone, allowing you to hit the beach with confidence and style, regardless of your body type. So don't be shy, grab a pair of Tucann Swimwear swim shorts and enjoy the sun, sand, and surf this summer!

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