Colorful Swim Trunks for the Summer

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When if comes to mens swimwear, the options are endless. Colorful swim trunks have made a huge comeback in 2022, and the trend is here to stay.

There are so many thing to consider when choosing colorful swim trunks, but most importantly, you want to ensure they match your outifit, although we truely believe you should wear whatever you feel most confident in. There are no rules at Tucann! You should always invest in a pair of swim trunks that make you feel cool and confident - just as your favourite tee, sneakers or jeans do.

Swim short color trends 2022!

Blue swim trunks:
Perhaps the most popular and versatile and suit many skin tones, blue swim shorts are easy to pair with a basic tee and can easily adapt to whatever plans your summer encompasses. There are a wide range of shades of blue, including light, dark, prints and patterns. Whichever you choose, you'll be sure to look cool and on trend this summer!

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Fluro swim trunks:
Following close behind, bright swim trunks are back on trend and we're here for it! Available in neon yellow, pink, green and orange, the best thing about bright swim shorts is their ability to make you look more tanned. If you're keen to turn some heads at the pool or beach, a pair of fluro swim shorts will do the trick!

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Pink swim trunks:
Possibly the most underrated color - pink swim shorts are more popular than you'd think! There are definitely safer colors to wear at the beach, but we promise they'll get the attention they deserve. The most common pink swim shorts generally feature prints and patters, not often a solid color. 

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Yellow swim trunks:
A color that imitates the warm sun, there's no better color to wear on those hot summer days! Yellow swim shorts are a great option for fun filled summer activities or if you're wanting to make a statement. Yellow is also a great color option to wear to the pool or beach as it stand our and contrasts really well against a blue background. If you're wanting to make a statement, the yellow is your color.

Shop yellow swim shorts HERE!

When it comes down to picking a colorful pair of swim trunks, one thing is for sure! No matter the color, pattern or print of swim shorts, be sure to wear them with confidence!


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