How Long Should your Swim Trunks Be

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At Tucann, we believe there are no rules when it comes to swim trunks, and if we had one rule, it would be that you wear swim trunks that YOU love and feel comfortable and confident in!

Although the most distinguishing feature of men's swimwear are their colors and prints, the significance of the length of your swim trunks can have a huge impact on comfort and how they compliment your body type!

A lot of people believe the ideal swim trunk length should be 3" above the knee, but we broke the rules and made our even shorter, although we believe, your swim shorts should fit however you like them to! However some of us prefer a more conservative look which is why we newly introduced our 7" swim trunks! Now your can get either or both all in one place!

Although we don't believe in rules, we do think there are some guidelines you should consider when investing in the almighty swim trunks!
If you're on the shorter side, proportionally, shorter swim trunks look best when they hit mid thigh at the longest - this will make your legs look longer! If height is on your side, you can definitely get away with 7" swim trunks, but remember; these are just general guidelines. Heck, wear whatever YOU feel most comfortable in!
It isn't just as simple as grabbing for the first pair of swim trunks that catch your eye. To help you figure out what length you prefer, here's a break down of how our 4" swim trunks and 7" swim trunks fit.

4" Swim Trunks
For most guys, this length will hit just above mid thigh. If you're a little bit more risqué or work hard in the gym, these swim shorts might be your preference!

7" Swim Trunks
This length board shorts are most men's go to - generally hitting just above the knee and are more wearable on daily basis.

Don't worry, we're not going to leave you alone with a tape measure! Pictured below are our favourite swim shorts are that look good, feel good, and are available in both 4" and 7" lengths!

Swim shorts should compliment the shape of your body, not hide it! At Tucann, we understand the importance of owning swimwear that is extremely comfortable, fit's properly and will take your pool or beach day to the next level - which is why we extended our swim short range. With two swim shorts lengths now available, 4" swim shorts and 7" swim shorts, we hope to serve a much larger volume of men who require different lengths from their swim trunks.
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