How to Care for your Swim Tunks

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Wether you wear your swim trunks daily or while vacationing on the warm coats of Europe, swim short material can withstand heavily chlorinated pools, salt water and other harsh environments. And since you have carefully packed and organised your vacation outfits, it's well worth learning how to extend their shelf life and care for them properly. All swim trunks should come with specific washing instructions, however there are definitely certain do's and don'ts when considering how to care for your swimwear. And the best thing is, men's swimwear that is well taken care of will last you a lifetime!

Washing your swim shorts:
You can certainly machine wash swim shorts, however we strongly advise against this if your swimwear has metal details on the end of the drawstrings as they can often get stuck and pulled if they're not in a delicates bag. In fact, hand washing with soap is the most effective form of washing your swim shorts.
The best advice we suggest after a long day at the pool or beach - stepping under the shower or placing them under a running tap for a few minutes! It's especially important to rinse off your trunks, this will remove the lingering chlorine and salt that can often be damaging and color fading to the material. The outdoor beach showers may prove to be a lot more handy than what you first imagined!

Drying your swim shorts:
It can be easy to take off your swim trunks and leave them in the sun to dry, however this can be quite harsh on the fabric. Instead, leaving them on a flat surface in the shade can make them last longer. If you're lucky enough to own a pair of quick drying swim trunks, you won't need to leave them outside for any longer than 10 minutes. And when it comes to the unfortunate task of of packing your luggage to head home, it's important to ensure your swim shorts are really, really dry! If they are stored damp they can often hold sand, get smelly, damage the integrity of construction and if left too long, breed bacteria. Above all - never tumble dry your men's beach shorts.

If you want your swim shorts to stand the test of time, it's important to care for them just like any other important wardrobe piece, and then some. If you follow these simple wash and care steps, they will stay fresh and last you a life time of vacationing and pool days!

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