How To: Wear Swim Trunks Casually!

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What if we were to tell you ‘you can wear swim trunks casually’? Infact, who wouldn’t wear swim shorts casually? Not only do swim shorts come in a much larger variety of colors and patterns than regular shorts, they're also so damn comfortable and their functionality is superior to your worn out shorts or trousers.

Today, even non-surfers or beach goers wear swim shorts casually, and for good reason. They’re quick drying, highly functional and just look great. And a bonus? They can even double as workout shorts or walking the dog thanks to their sweat wicking properties and four way stretch capabilities.
In fact, since 2017 swim trunks outgrew the drab variety. They’re tailored and even have zippers, metal details and pockets just like trousers or pants. But what further consolidates this way of dressing even more are the prints, patterns, colors and details. From solid colors, to floral prints, geometric patterns, and bright, neon shades, the options are endless.

Activities you can do wearing swim trunks ( that don’t include going to the beach )

  • Brunch
  • Walk your dog
  • Run errands ( Even in the rain! Wet trousers don’t sound like a fun idea )
  • Grocery shopping
  • Shopping at the mall
  • Exercise
  • Lawn bowls
  • A trip up the cost

The list could go on  . . .

Our suggestions on how to wear your swim trunks casually:

- Opt for swim shorts that are more plain in color / pattern for easy pairing. If you’re more of a risk taker we absolutely support rocking a bright pair of board shorts to the supermarket! Pair them with a plain tee and no one would know any better.

- Pairing swim trunks with a button down shirt can look dapper if you’re heading for afternoon cocktails and tapas. We suggest pairing a plain white button down with a patterned or colored pair of trunks or, a plain pair of trunks with a patterned or coloured button down for a look that is on point.

- Accessorise! Dress up or dress down your casual swim short look with a pair of sunnies, a watch and/or flip flops! You’ll be sure to blend in while running errands or walking your dog to get a morning coffee.

The bottom line:
Some could say wearing swim shorts casually falls under the same category as ‘wearing sunglasses indoors’. What we say is, wear what you feel most comfortable and confident in.

There are more reasons to wear swim trunks casually than there aren't. With high functioning features such as deep zipper pockets, comfortable, stretchy and quick drying materials, plus an endless choice of prints and color, you’d be silly to reach for anything else.

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