Men's Swim Brief Trends 2022

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Nailing men's every day fashion trends can be difficult enough, but when it comes to a small piece material we all know as swimwear, it has more to say about your sense of style than any other garment. 
To help you master the summer swimwear trends, we break down why a pair of swim briefs deserves a place in every mans swimwear drawer. 

If you've been working on your body leading up to the summer, there's no better way to show off all of your hard work than with a pair of men's swim briefs, although, you don't have to have a great body to pull them off. The swim brief can often be an overlooked and misunderstood swimwear item, but we truely believe every man should own at least one pair in their swimwear collection. 

Most speedo style briefs are decorated with humorous avocado or beer prints. Tucann has taken a more sophisticated approach with a classic block color waistband and classic prints. Long over shadowed by mens swim trunks, swim briefs had taken the backseat, that is until now.

You don't have to have washboard abs and well defined legs to pull off this mens swim brief trend. Well designed swim briefs have a technical waistband which is thick and offers a substantial amount of support with out digging in. The internal material should be double layered to offer additional support. 

Perhaps the best thing about Tucann's take on the swim brief trend is the combination of fun, flattery and sophistication in design. They're sporty like cut is figure enhancing, and a variety of luxury and fun prints cater for large group of men. Technically designed with a double elastic waistband, you'll never have an issue with comfort.

Truthfully, mens swim briefs are unique. They cast eyes your way. They're conversation starters. On a overcrowded beach of swim short wearers, be the one proudly rocking a pair of Tucann swim briefs.


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