Stylish Ways to Wear Your Swim Trunks

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Fashionable men understand that good quality swim shorts encompass both fashion and function and make for the perfect foundation to build your outfit around. That's why many men sway toward versatile Tucann Swim Shorts which adapt to any activity. Wearing men's swim trunks as casual shorts is a practical hack for men who want to make the most of their summer wardrobe. This versatility in wear also comes in extra handy when on vacation and luggage space is limited. The fact is; you probably don't always have time to head back to the hotel room to change before dinner and drinks - that's where Tucann's come in! They're quick drying, have two zip pockets and look great, and they also look right at home, at the beach and at the bar! You're not limited to just the water if you own a pair of Tucann men's swim trunks. 
At Tucann, we're advocates for wearing your swim trunks to the gym, brunch, heck, you can even rock them casually on your couch. We'll guide you over everything you need to know about stylising your swim trunks for activities that go beyond the beach!

Men's swim trunks can be paired with basically any shirt you prefer, the options range from a button down shirt to graphic tees and beyond. Because Tucann's swim shorts fit like casual shorts, they look great paired with your top of choice. According to out style rule-book, there are no rules, go wild! Do and wear whatever feels right!
If you're wanting to take your board shorts onto dry land, it's best to start with choosing what style of trunks to wear. If your quick drying swim trunks are heavily patterned, a shirt or tee that is mostly a solid color such as white, grey or black will pair pretty well. Tee's with graphics that have similar color as your swim shorts can also coordinate well!
If you prefer minimal color swim trunks you have a lot more wriggle room with what you can pair with them.
The bottom line is - styling your beach trunks with the right top is key to wearing them casually. 

Other tips to stylise your swim shorts for causal wear:
Choose the right footwear: Opting for loafers or boat shoes can help dial down the swimwear look and elevate the overall appearance!
Accessorise: Pairing your men's swim shorts with a pair of dressy sunglasses and jewellery such as a necklace, rings and braceletes will have you at the top of the best dressed list! 

Heading our for a few drinks with your mates? Have a vacation booked or dinner date with your other half? Always dress the part with Tucann! Check our our variety or swim shorts and resort wear HERE!

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