The best beach towels do more than just keep you dry - If your beach towel is of quality it will leave the sand at the beach where it belongs and absorb moisture quickly. Rocking up to a pool day with a ratty old beach towel can really dampen the vibe. At Tucann, we truly believe a beach towel can make or break your day by the water, and that no beach towel can be too big, in fact, in our option the best beach towels accommodate two people. 

More absorbent and thinner than what you would generally reach for after having a shower, beach towels will dry quicker and absorb the water off your body faster once you’ve emerged from the water.

Read on to learn about the BEST beach towel you can buy right now, encompassing all of the qualities you will appreciate - oversized, sand repelling, quick absorbing and colourful options that are begging to be the start of your instagram photos.
Here’s the beach towel that will be making waves on your next vacation.

Tucann's Sand Free Oversized Beach Towel
Best known for our short shorts, men's swim wear is our forte, but we skip no steps when if comes to beach wear accessories
Crafted from a polyester blend, our beach towels are super absorbent and dry themselves four times faster than regular towels.
A big towel doesn't have to take up precious bag space either. Thankfully ours are practical, light weight, big enough to cover you from head to toe yet fit compactly in a small carry pouch. The best part is, you'll be leaving the sand at the beach - where it belongs, all props to the sand repelling compositions that make this beach towel one that you can rely on.

Maximise your holiday needs and brighten up the sand with Tucann's double sided, oversized, sand repelling beach towels.

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