The magic number! How many swim trunks to pack for vacation!

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We’ve all been there; Jumped off the plane, ready to hit the beach or pool to then release a day or two in, you haven’t packed enough swimwear! Under our expert advice - this disaster of a scenario will never happen!
When it comes to packing for vacation, there is no correct answer on how many swim trunks to pack! Whether you're a minimalist or like to switch up your look, you should definitely bring a few options! Of course, the length of your vacation and amount of activities you do will affect how many pairs of swim shorts you need to bring.

Don’t worry, we haven’t plucked our figures out of thin air - through close examination and careful thought we have concluded that you can’t really pack too many swim shorts! But for light packing and convenience we have broken down how many pairs of shorts to bring for a weekend getaway up to a 3 week + vacation!

The weekend:
For variation we suggest packing two pairs of swim trunks for a weekend getaway! You could get away with one pair, but it never hurts to have options! Our biggest suggestion is to bring quick drying swim trunks to avoid discomfort throughout the day! No one wants to spend the day in soaking swim shorts, never mind getting in and out of a car or uber and sticking to the seat! Yuck!
Conclusion: 2 pairs of swim shorts will get you through a weekend vacation swimmingly!

One week:

Heading on a week-long vacation? Firstly, lucky you, secondly, don’t forget to pack your swim trunks!
For a one week getaway, the need for swim trunks increases, however that doesn’t mean you need to pack every pair of swim trunks you own and the kitchen sink! 3-4 pairs of men’s swim trunks will get you by comfortably with enough versatility to switch up your outfits! Thankfully, most swim shorts are lightweight and compact, and won’t take up too much space in your luggage! A mix of simple monochrome colors and bright patterned swim trunks will have you looking on point! No outfit repeating here!

Three + weeks:
We’re guessing your 3 week + vacation will include long days spent at the beach, pool parties, sightseeing, brunch with the boys, let’s be honest, the list goes on. . . Up to 6 pairs may sound a little excessive, but over 21 days you’ll have enough options to go around! For a longer vacation, it’s important to consider if your swim trunks encompass all of the qualities to keep you feeling and looking fresh every time you put on a pair. Important things to consider are: do your swim trunks have an inner lining? If not, it’s time to invest. It’s not only uncomfortable wearing jocks under your swim shorts, but the chlorine will actually destroy your underwear, even seawater has the same effect! Are they quick drying? Do they have sand proof zip pockets? You wouldn’t imagine how handy zip pockets are until you pop down to the resort pool and have nowhere to store your room card and essentials. If your swim trunks have zip 

pockets, everything you need will be within arms reach. How convenient!

Above all, it's not necessarily the quantity you pack as much as the quality your swim trunks encompass. In built lining, zip pockets, four way stretch and aesthetic prints? If your swim trunks have these features you’re just about set. Happy packing!

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