With summer just around the corner, now more than ever it's important to be fashionably prepared for whatever your summer endeavours encompass. It's crucial to choose your swimwear according to your body type, style, as well as occasion. Tucann swim trunks are available in array of colors, prints and lengths, and we often get an influx of customer reviews stating that their wife or significant other absolutely LOVE seeing them wear Tucann, so if you want to turn heads this summer, or catch the eye of your crush, you're in the right place!

Like any other piece of clothing, your swim shorts should highlight your best assets and make you feel comfortable and confident. If you want to stand out at the pool or beach there are a few things you should consider:

Length: The length of your swim shorts is the most obvious, and women tend to like swim trunks that sit above the knee to mid thigh. 
Color / Print: Although it's almost always safest to stick with neutral colored swim trunks, when it comes to impressing women, it's your time to stand out. Neon's and cute prints are usually favoured by women and can often be great conversation starters. 
Style: Women don't want to see you in something that remind them of their grandpa, so avoiding baggy and unnecessarily long swim shorts.

To sum it up, the best thing you can wear to impress women is confidence, and Tucann's provide all of the elements required to feel comfortable, confident and on point. 
We've created the best quick drying swim trunks so you can let your personality do the talking.

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