Tips for buying new swim shorts!

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Are you tired of your swim shorts? Do you open your wardrobe and reach for the same old board shorts and reluctantly put them on? Fear not, we are here to solve all of your beachwear dilemmas. Below we’ve listed our exclusive, fashion forward tips on what you should be looking for in men’s swim trunks.


We don’t want you walking around wearing a pair of baggy swim shorts that look like your mum dressed you, rather, we want your swimmers to fit like a glove. What’s summer if you are looking the same as everyone else? Make sure to choose a pair of swim shorts that are unique, not only in colour or print but also in the fit and length if you want to be a head turner this summer. Tucann Swim Shorts are the first of their kind, tailoring the length of our swimmers between regular swim short length and gym shorts. Tucann’s out there prints and colours won’t be the only thing getting you noticed. 

Do They Have Quick Drying Capabilities?
Oh, the dread of sitting on the beach uncomfortably in wet and sandy shorts and jocks. Tucann’s quick drying capabilities and inbuilt swim trunks ensure you never have to experience that again. So grab a pair of Tucann Swim Shorts, so you can go from beach to groovy day parties without missing a beat. 

Zip Pockets? Tick!
We live in a society where every pool and beach moment gets captured on TikTok and Instagram, so getting yourself a pair of Tucann Swim Shorts allows you to keep your phone tucked away and protected in dust and water resistant zip pockets. 

The Added Extras!
Tucann Swim Shorts aren’t only for beach goers. Designed with versatility in mind, it doesn’t matter if you’re at a pool party, walking your dog or squatting at the gym (trust us, it’s been done), the four way stretch material and elasticised waistband allows for full range of motion and comfort no matter what activity you're partaking in. 

Are you in the mood to hit the beach or throw a barbecue dinner with your mates? Tucann Swim Shorts are the product you’ll love to wear anywhere. We’re specialists, so you can trust us when we say we know what you’ll want when you're shopping for shorts. 

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