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One of the biggest threats men are confronted with during summer is the all irritating, fun-ruining chafe.

Throughout the years, Tucann has performed an extensive amount of research and preventative measures to ensure your sun filled days go as smoothly as you could imagine.

If you have struggled with chafing, we have your solution: Compression lined swim trunks.

It is the absolute standard that all of your swim trunks are companioned with a compression inner liner to protect the goods and keep the sand out. Tucann's compression lined swim shorts are specifically designed to help with your chafing issues. They're form fitting and act as a second skin barrier and their main objective is to block out dirt from collecting on the skin and won't compromise on movement, meaning you can swim, surf or sunbathe restriction free!

The benefits of compression lined swim trunks goes beyond their anti-chafe capabilities. The lycra layer creates a barrier between external threats, holds everything together and offers genital support throughout your fun filled summer endeavours. Compression lined swim trunks remove the need to wear underwear with your swim trunks and allow for multi-purpose wear - a lot of our customers love wearing our swim shorts while at the gym or while jogging and running thanks to the support the compression liner provides.


Other ways to limit the effects of chafing:

- Ensure you properly rinse off your compression lined swim trunks.

- Apply baby powder or topical treatments

- Rinse off to remove any sand or sweat

- Avoid swim trunks with a mesh liner, as they can actually do more harm than good and tend to be more abrasive and harsh against the skin.

No one wants to spend their summer in pain and constantly re-adjusting. Invest in compression lined swim shorts and enjoy a lifetime of comfort! Thank us later! 
Shop Compression Lined Swim Trunks HERE!

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