Choosing a pair of boardies: How to nail the purchase

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Choosing a pair of boardies: How to nail the purchase

A pair of boardshorts is what yoga pants are to women, for men. Versatile and good for any activity (except maybe a board meeting, but even then we kind of think you could). A good pair of board shorts is the cornerstone of a dude’s wardrobe during Summer and can take you from the gym, to the beach in a blink. We reckon that board shorts are actually a bit of an icon for an active life. Whether you’re a skater, kayaker, bodybuilder, surfer, windsurfer or just a guy who is heading down to the beach to escape the heat, a pair of board shorts is basically a necessity and Tucann is the top choice.

Board Shorts Are Loved By Sportsmen -

Because a good pair of board shorts suits almost every sport. Great for when you’re chilling on the beach but our board shorts also make sense in the gym, for martial arts training, for footy training, touch footy, a Sunday game of tennis, and basically any other time you’re going to sweat. Board shorts are the jack of all trades, or rather, of all sports.

Get Spoilt For Choice With Your Board Shorts –

The options are endless and that’s why board shorts offer so much versatility. When you’re getting yourself a pair of Tucann board shorts, you’ve got the beauty of a wide selection of colours, fits, cuts and styles. You’ve got the benefit of quick drying fabric, pockets, velcros or drawstring and a choice in lengths to make sure you get a pair that is perfect for everyday wear.

A heap of choice in board shorts is a blessing but can also be a curse, here are our best tips for picking your perfect pair of Toucann board shorts:

  • Get the right fabric – while selecting the best board shorts for you, ensure that the shorts’ fabric should is the one that is lightweight and fast drying. The ideal materials for this kind of fabric are polyester or blended polyester or elastin which allow for unrestricted movement.
  • Comfort– You have to try them on, even if you’re the kind of guy that doesn’t try things on. Trust us. If you’re going to be doing lots of moving around in them, you want to make sure they’re comfortable.
  • Features – Strong elastic waistbands or drawstrings, pockets or no pockets, mesh detailing for quick cooling or longer cuts for a more tailored look. Think about what you need out of a pair of board shorts before you purchase.
  • Appearance – The appearance of the board shorts also matters a lot; however it purely depends on ones’ taste and preference. There are several colour combinations and styles that buyers can choose for themselves. Toucann has it covered.

Making Your Board Shorts Last The Mile –

Keeping your pair of Tucann board shorts looking their best isn’t rocket science but in order to preserve their perfect look, here’s our advice:

  • Read the care label – it’ll tell you how to wash them
  • Don’t put them in the dryer, it’s not a good idea. Put them on the line to dry and they’ll last much longer.
  • Put them in a wash care bag to make sure they aren’t snagged by other items.
  • Always rinse them immediately after use in chlorinated pools.

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