Hoochie Daddy Swim Trunks

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It's Hoochie Daddy Szn!
Hoochie daddy shorts are summers new hottest trend and are all the rage!
If you're new to the trend, you'll probably find a picture of your dad wearing a pair of the infamous hoochie daddy shorts.

Men's short swim shorts are back on trend with a new name to accompany them - Hoochie Daddy Shorts! So, what exactly are hoochie daddy shorts?
Hoochie daddy shorts are shorts that show off more leg than traditional mens shorts. Basically, they're the equivalent to women's daisy dukes!

Let's be real, it's hot out, who wouldn't be interested in showing a little more leg? You will probably see this viral trend on TikTok, and if you want to get amongst it, we have just the right hoochie daddy swim shorts for you!

Fluro Orange Swim Trunks:
These swim shorts definitely showcase the perfect length to be crowned "hoochie daddy shorts". They show off the perfect amount of thigh and the neon color only bring more attention to them.

Flamingo Swim Trunks:
Aside from their length, another way to identify hoochie daddy shorts is their color and print. Usually bright, summery colors or a fun print define hoochie daddy shorts. Their material is usually slightly stretchy while hugging all of the right places.

Happy Face Swim Trunks:
These mens swim shorts definitely qualify as hoochie daddy - they're short, tight and bright. These 3" swim trunks offer minimal leg coverage while serving support around the waistline. Given that these shorts are short, and we mean, really short, an additional internal layer provides extra comfort so nothing slips out.

So weather you call them hot pants, daisy dukes, hoochie daddy shorts, swim trunks, board shorts, beach shorts - if you want to be at the centre of attention this summer, we highly suggest you grab a pair of these thigh grazers!

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