Men’s summer essentials: A packing guide for a sunny vacation!

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Men’s summer essentials: A packing guide for a sunny vacation!

Summer has arrived and it’s time to pack for your sunny vacation! Don’t worry, we agree; packing shouldn’t be complicated, so we did the heavy lifting for you - Here is a list of our favourite men’s essentials for the summer!

You can never go wrong with a pair of slides!
An essential for any getaway, Tucann’s men’s slides are a fresh new take on summer footwear. Lightweight, comfortable and won’t take up too much space in your case. Our men’s slides are ideal for walks to your favourite summer spot. It’s time to ditch the thongs and slide into a fresh pair of these bad boys!

A pair of swim trunks. . . or 4!
One pair is never enough! A summer vacation always involves a bunch of fun and exciting activities. Long days at the beach or by the pool, visiting water parks or spending the day on a boat, bringing at least four pairs of mens swim trunks on your summer vacation is a no brainer. It’s important to keep in mind that your swim shorts should encompass all of the right elements to ensure you both get along, well, swimmingly. Your swim trunks should be quick drying so you can relax or enjoy any water activity the vacation has to offer. There are other significant features to consider; do they have zipped pockets to keep your phone, wallet and key card within arms reach? Have they got an in-built liner so you don’t need to carry around a spare pair of jocks? Are they stretchy enough to allow a cannonball into the pool? Afterall, you’ll be wearing them all day, so you want to make sure you're comfortable! Check out our 100+ prints to choose from!

A casual pair of shorts. You can never go wrong with a casual pair of shorts!
A casual pair of shorts is an absolute necessity for bumming around in the hotel room, heading down to the buffet brekkie or on the trek home! Chuck on a pair of mens casual shorts and your set!

Handy dandy travel bag!
Going on a hike or beach walk? A beach day bag is a “vacation must pack” to stash your essentials close by! Plus, if you're catching a flight somewhere sunny ( lucky you ) a little carry-on can double as a handy dandy beach day bag once you’ve hit land. A multi-compartment mens bag is ideal with a shoulder strap for easy transport on your shoulder. Tucann’s beach day bags come with an additional drink holder and clear phone pouch. It’s the perfect accessory for hands free wear on your summer vacation.

Button down shirt!
Following from men’s swim trunks, a button down shirt is second in line when it comes to packing for a summer vacation! Plus, they’re pretty lightweight and compact, so you could probably get away with packing a few for different occasions! Heading out for lunch or a seaside dinner, dress up or dress down a button down shirt for any vacation related activity - an essential for any man's summer wardrobe!

Beach Towel:

The underrated yet oh so handy beach towel is a definite essential for any summer vacation. Thankfully, our sand repellent beach towels are lightweight and compact enough to pack with you, folding down to just a small square or material you can chuck in your beach day bag. Ensure your beach towel is quick drying so it doesn’t get smelly, this way you can use it not only at the beach, but days spent at the pool, jumping out of the outdoor shower or simply just to tan on!

So, there you have it, the essential items that make for a well dressed vacation. We’ve taken all of the guesswork out for you! Happy packing!

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