Quality mens Board Shorts at a great price!

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Get Discount Mens Board Shorts; A Money Saving Choice On A Trendy Swim Wear!

Summer is basically here and you need a new pair of board shorts – stat!

There’s nothing worse than getting to a 40 degree day and realising you don’t have a pair of board shorts that fit anymore. Or worse, they ended up in the clothes dryer and suddenly your board shorts and doll-sized.

It’s time to update and upgrade your board shorts at Tuccan.

Five reasons you need a new pair of Tuccan board shorts:

  1. They Double As Casual Wear

There’s nothing better than a pair of pants that are good for every occasion. Barbecue at a mates? Board Shorts. Breaky with Mum? Board Shorts. Chilling on the deck after a long day? Well, you get the idea.

  1. Easy to Take Care Of

A pair of shorts that needs a seven step process to wash and dry is too much for us. And jeans? Well who even knows if you’re meant to wash those! Tucann Board Shorts are easy to clean. They won’t fade or shrink and they don’t require a magician to wash!

  1. Flattering Cuts

Our shorts come in different styles and lengths meaning you can choose the pair that suits you. No need for a one size fits all or just two boring colour choices. We have a heap of board shorts that you can mix and match.

 Before its so hot you’re sweating bullets, make sure you’re prepared. At Tuccan we have an endless range of mens swim board shorts designed in various styles and colours. The best bit is, we believe that getting your beach kit together shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Our board shorts are basically on sale everyday at a competitive price.

Shop the range now and get ready for when the weather hits.


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