Swim Trunk Shopping – How to avoid a bad online purchase!

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We all love a little online retail therapy! What’s not to love. . .? No parking wars or long queues lining up to check out! With online shopping you can bypass all of the nonsense and enjoy a seamless shopping experience! There are very few issues you’ll encounter whilst online shopping, however you may at times have ordered the incorrect size of swim shorts or find that the item doesn’t quite look like it did online. Not to worry, these problems are easily rectified with most online stores offering returns or exchanges, but to avoid this little mishap we have curated a list of tips to kickstart your swim short shopping experience!

Check customers reviews:
Checking the company's customer reviews can really solidify your confidence in purchasing from them! Most companies will have both written and photo reviews and will have an overall star rating! It’s important to check that these reviews are marked as “verified customer” to confirm it is a legitimate review! The customer can also express the features and things they loved about the swim trunks they purchased, and if they have any suggestions on sizing! Are the swim shorts appropriate for water activities? Do they fit comfortably? A lot of your questions will be answered in the form of customer reviews!

Check out their social media page and tagged images:
Social proof is becoming more and more important with so many options for online shopping these days! When purchasing items such as swim trunks which involve you wearing one piece of material for a long period of the day, the decision becomes quite important! Jump onto the brand's social media account and check out their feed! You can even look under their “tagged” section which is a great way to actually see the swim trunks in action and on all different body shapes and types! Plus, some people even leave their own review as a caption which is a really great sign that you are making the right purchase!

Do your research: Check out the size chart and product features:
The best thing you can do when purchasing men’s swim shorts online is your own research! Dive in deep and check out the product details with great focus! Do they encompass everything you’d hope for in a pair of swim shorts? Are they the right style and length? Are they going to serve you for a full day at the beach while keeping you comfortable? These are all important questions to ask yourself before committing to a purchase! Also check out the size chart, with most swim trunks slightly varying in length, style and fit, ensuring you are purchasing the correct size is not only very important, but will eliminate any wasted time returning the product and waiting for the correct size.

Follow our tips above for a seamless swim short shopping experience! So, what are you waiting for? Happy shopping!

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