Swim Trunks with an Elastic Waistband

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Most swim trunks these days are fairly similar when it comes to design. They're often made of a specific material composition designed to withstand chlorine and salt water and are usually available in different colors and prints. Although, what sets apart good swim trunks from great swim trunks is the attention to detail when it comes to support and comfort. 

While an elastic waistband is good on it's own, the most effective swim trunks will be accompanied with a drawstring closure as well. This will enable you to adjust the fitment of your trunks so they always fit right. There are many benefits to swim trunks with an elastic waistband. Tucann's technical waistband encompasses a half elasticised waist at the back, accompanied with a drawstring closure to ensure they don't slip down and maintain and aesthetic front. Additionally, swim shorts with an elastic waistband provide ultimate comfort for beach to bar wear.

Swim shorts with an elastic waistband help them stay in place and maintain their comforts wether you are wet or dry. With all of the activities your summer endeavours encompass, you can move, jump and swim freely about without worrying your shorts will slip down. Essentially, if your swim shorts have an elastic waistband, you're in for a day of comfort, security and versatility in wear. It's also important to consider that the elasticity of the of the waistband is high quality, low quality elastic will lose their elasticity over time. 

How to take care of swim shorts with an elastic waistband:
- Always rinse off your swim shorts
- Wash your swim shorts in a delicates bag
- Own more than one pair of swim shorts as the elastic needs time to relax and compress between wear
Wether your summer entails swimming, walking, or relaxing, swim trunks with elastic waistbands are essential for all day comfort, security and fuss free wear. 

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