The Best Matching Swimwear for your next Vacation

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The heat or summer makes swimwear mandatory in our lives. After all, who doesn't want to make awesome summer memories while soaking up some vitamin D? And what better way to celebrate the sun filled days than flaunting some matching couples swimwear?
Aside from the cuteness quota, couples matching swimwear makes for the perfect couples vacation outfit, honey moon or anniversary gift!

Weather you're looking for matching couples swimwear for your next vacation or honeymoon or just want to look cute for an Insta worthy pic, Tucann's new matching bikinis and swim shorts will have you both turning heads!

With many people aggressively vacationing at the moment, many of us are dreaming of a holiday abroad and a cocktail in hand, stat. Matching swimwear not only looks cute, makes makes for easy packing! Far too often when you look up couples swimwear, cheesy and cheap options appear. Tucann has just dropped a collection of 8 bikinis to match our best selling mens swim shorts, and they encompass just the same quality of construction, so you can now swim and twin with your other half!

Without further-ado, here are the hottest couple swimsuits that will have you both turning heads wherever you go!

Fluro Yellow Couples Swimwear
What's not to love about this bright and fun couples swimwear? It's eye catching and flattering in all of the right places. The hottest couple award goes to  . . . 

Red Couples Swimsuit
Sexy and bold, heads will be turning when you arrive at the pool club in this couples matching swimsuit! Also made in our best selling Blue Camo and Striped Green Camo short prints so you can both get the attention your swimwear deserves! 

Leopard Print Couples Swimwear
Nothing is quite as sleek as leopard print swimwear. Tucann's matching bikini and swim shorts have gold metal hardware for an elevated look. Love is in the air when you're coordinating this swimsuit!

In case you haven't noticed, couples matching swimwear is in and on trend! From Insta worth styles to romantic anniversary gifts, our matching swimwear is bound to sell fast!


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