The Best Swim Trunks for Summer 2022

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Swim trunks boarder the sweet spot between boardies and budgies - they show off just the right amount of leg while still performing they way you'd hope your swim shorts would!
With summer barbecues and sunny days by the pool just around the corner, it's important you invest in the best men's swim trunks that you feel comfortable and confident in!

Dive into summer vacation in the best swim trunks for summer 2022!
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Weather you're putting in laps or want to look extra sharp at the roof top pool, finding swim shorts that perform well in the water and dry quickly once you are out is imperative for to make the most out of your summer days!

If you're on the hunt for the best swim shorts of 2022, here's what you should look for!

Finding men's bathing suits that are lightweight will likely mean they dry quicker. Tucann's summer swim shorts are made from feather light materials which helps repel the water and in turn makes you dry off faster while still offering enough coverage for modesty. You also want to look for swim shorts that offer a decent amount of stretch and minimal restriction for fuss free wear!

Tucann's designer swim trunks have gone through an extensive sampling to ensure the quality is top tier and they make a statement! We shifted our focus on small details that make big impact! Most men like at least one pocket, Tucann swim shorts have two, and they're lined with rubber so no sand gets in! A raised logo elevates the design and are accessorised with gold, silver or matte black metal Tucann's at the end of the drawstrings. 
Other aspect to consider are the print, pattern or color and quality of construction of your swim trunks. Ensuring the crouch area doesn't bunch and gives enough space for your bit without constricting and the print, pattern of color is fade proof, especially when spending majority of your time in chlorine and salt water, which can be damaging unless the material is resilient. 

Support is amongst the most important things to consider when purchasing swim shorts! The best men's swim trunks will not only look good, but perform extremely well too! In order to be functional, Tucann's encompass optimal stretch and a supportive technical waistband that you can personalise the fitment of due to a semi elastic waistband and drawstring closure! The most imperative asset board shorts should include is a supportive inner layer that offers full coverage, comfort and limits the effects of chafing. Compression lined swim trunks are the most favoured among most, as mesh liners can be abrasive and create more hard than good. 

Best men's swim trunks:
  Inseam swim shorts

 Swim shorts with zip pockets 

 Luxury swim trunks

 7" swim trunks

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