The Big Debate - Pool vs Beach!

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You’ve been there before; You’re on a family vacation however something just doesn’t feel right! You hear the silent whisper of your dad and sister bickering, there's a feeling of uneasiness. And then it dawns on you. . . You feel the pressure as a drop of sweat rolls down your face like a tear. The score is two two and the decision is on you. . . Pool or beach?

Below we have created a list of pros and cons to print out or send to your family whatsapp group to refer to when the big debate is inconclusive. So, pool or beach? Just keep scrolling.

The Beach:

  • You won’t find yourself confined to one little area of the pool here! At the sea your confinement free with endless space to explore or relax. You won’t only have access to the endless blue water - grab a snorkel or jump on a jetski and make a splash with water sports and activities.
  • Did you know sea water has amazing benefits such as healing wounds, preventing infections and easing pain? Enjoy your vitamin sea!
  • Free entertainment for kids! What’s one thing the beach has that the pool doesn’t? SAND, a kids best friend that will keep them entertained for hours!


  • Sand. Contrary to the above, sand is one of the biggest factors as to why people avoid the beach. Have you ever taken a bite of a sand filled sandwich? Or tried your hardest to remove every last grain off your body before hopping in your car to then notice you’ve taken the whole beach with you? Get the vacuum ready!
  • Oh, the endless hunt for a car park can be almost enough to avoid the beach altogether. Not to mention if you do find a park, you will probably encounter high ticket fees and endure a long walk to the beach. 

The Pool:

  • Feeling a little peckish? We can guarantee you won’t be hard pressed to find something to eat or drink. Ahh the convenience! And did we mention the pool bar? Cheers to that!
  • Forget something? You won’t have to go far to retrieve whatever you need from the room.
  • If you have your own pool, you’re in luck. There are no opening hours or limits on time you and your family can spend splashing about, it's open 24/7! Skip the beach and step into the backyard to your own private oasis.


  • If you’re trying to relax and unwind with a day by the pool, be warned. Loud squealing and splashing of kids and other people around you may have you packed up for the day and heading back to your room.
  • Behold; the fight for a sunbed. Unless you’re an early riser and can claim a lounge, you will struggle to find a seat, never mind one in the sun or in close proximity to the pool or bar!

So, we’ve laid it all out for you, now the choice is yours!

Which is better? Pool or beach? The battle is on!

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