Top 4 Travel Destinations to Escape the Winter Blues

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Even the greatest winter enthusiasts need to escape the chill. The cool months present a great time to to travel to sunny beaches and tropical destinations. And the best part about escaping the winger chill? Flight and hotel prices often drop as the temperatures do!
So if you're ready for a winter escape, read on!

There's no shortage or beaches, swimming caves and you guessed it - sun, in the warm coasts of Greece. A vacation spot that is certainly becoming more popular, Greece has a lot to offer; food, drinks, remarkable history and endless water activities! What more could you ask for? Home to crystal clear waters and beach front cafes, Greece is the perfect vacation destination for couples and families hoping to escape the winter chill!

With temperatures rarely dropping below 50 degrees ( regardless of the local season ) Mauritius is definitely the place to be if you're looking to work on your winter tan while your friends are shivering back at home! There are plenty of fun things to participate in for everyone at this tropical paradise; from honeymooners to kid friendly activities for family travellers. If you're here to eat, enjoy a variety of cuisines from traditional flat breads to fresh seafood. Bottom line - there's no reason not to visit the tropical shores of Mauritius this winter!

Bora Bora
The year round temperatures make the Bora Bora the ideal winter escape destination. Falling under the definition of heaven on earth, Bora Bora is a picture perfect winter escape for lounging and relaxing. Also known as the honeymooners paradise, it's the ultimate romantic escape. Rated the most photogenic place on earth, we'll let the pictures do the talking!

I mean, look at that!!!

Vibrant night life, tropical beaches, amazing food, stunning temples and tourist attractions, there's a reason why Thailand attracts travellers from across the globe. There are some parts of Thailand which are quite touristy, but you can still have the winter escape of your dreams at small islands just short boat trip away which bring postcards to life!

So if you rather white sands over a white Christmas, grab you passport and pack your swimsuits, the sun is waiting!

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