What do your swim trunks say about you?

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They say you are what you eat . . .but, we believe you are what you wear. Your style and the swim shorts you choose to rock allow you to really express your true self.
The easiest way to look and feel your best is to simply be yourself and wear what you love. So, let’s play a game and see what your choice of swim trunks say about you! Let’s go!

Bright / fluorescent colors:
If your go-to swim trunks are fun and bright in color, you’re probably quite fun yourself! You’re not about blending in and sure as hell aren’t afraid of standing out! You exude confidence and are the life of the party! Summer really is your favourite season and you don’t mind hitting the hills for a pool party or two!

If you reach for swim trunks featuring bold patterns and designs, then we're guessing you're 

an explorer and not afraid to try new things! Outgoing patterns probably mean you're an outgoing person and can make light of any situation! Simple is too boring for you, you like to mix it up and aren't about coordinating your outfit! We won’t find you lounging by the pool, you’re tearing it up in the water on a jet ski!

Sleek, high end swim trunks:
You’re serious about fashion if you wear high end swim trunks! You take pride in the way you dress and enjoy the finer things in life! We’ll probably find you lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand! You aren't a person who will trade style for comfort, you clearly have a taste for high quality and are happy to invest that little bit extra to have both. You like to luxe up your pool or beach look with gold jewellery and a pair of designer sunglasses!

If you’re rocking a pair of neutral swim shorts you’re laid back and chill! You’re happy to throw on a shirt, some loafers and a pair of Tucann’s ready to hit the beach or bar. Selecting monochrome shows that you are consistent in your style, which probably means that you’re organized ( and probably own quite a few white shirts ) Your hobbies include reading, brunch and a good roast coffee!

If you’re one of the personalities above, or find a mix of yourself in a few, then you’re in the right place! With 100+ swim shorts ranging from patterns, neons, and neutrals, you’ll be sure to find a print that suits your personality perfectly.

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