What Makes Swim Trunks Comfortable and Uncomfortable

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Since summer is on the way, so are long days living in your swim trunks by the pool or at the beach! The importance of finding the right swim trunks becomes undeniably obvious when you find yourself constantly rearranging the boys or exiting the water with caution due to slippage. No man should experience the burden of discomfort down there, let alone the humiliation of a possible slip out! All things considered, Tucann devoted years of research and sampling to create the best swim shorts known to man kind!
So what makes Tucann swim shorts so comfortable you may ask? Let us tell you!

Compression lined swim trunks
Tucann's innovative Aqua Liner is the catalyst that makes the quality our swim shorts unparalleled to any other brand. We have a big issue with mesh liners; they're impractical, uncomfortable, abrasive and these are often the reasons why most people cut them out! After years of extensive research and sampling we developed the Aqua Liner - a compression layer that offers support, protection and comfortability. This innovation led to thousands of people finding security in their swim trunks!

Stretchy swim trunks
Restrictive swim trunks are a thing of that past! Constructed with a stretchy synthetic composition, our board shorts are flexible and restrictive free so you can swim, stroll and boogie in absolute comfort!

Zipped pockets
Providing quick access to your essentials, our spacious and deep zipper pockets offer plenty of space to keep everything you need close by. Big enough to hold the latest Samsung and Apple products, there's no need to lug around a bag. The durable rubber lined zip pockets keep your essentials safe and secure, and are sand proof, so you can leave the sand at the beach, where it belongs!

Quick drying swim trunks
There is nothing more uncomfortable than sitting in wet swim trunks! And the effort of laying down a towel to protect your car seats is just plain annoying! That's why Tucann's fabrication was intentionally chosen for it's quick drying capabilities. No more discomfort and no need to bring a change of clothes. Head from beach to board walk in swim shorts that dry in minutes! Thank us later!

Customisable elastic waistband
We married comfort and fashion with our half elastic waistband to ensure the utmost comfort for out customers. The back half is elastic for stretch and support to stay up, partnered with a drawstring at the front to maintain a sleek appearance! Forget about constantly having to hitch up your shorts!

We took five imperative ingredients, combined them together to make the best swim trunks known to man kind! Check them out for yourself 👉  https://www.tucann.com/

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