Why Inner Lined Swim Trunks are Important for your Health

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Swim trunks are a staple for summer, and they're an essential item for anyone who loves spending time in and around the water. However, not all swim trunks are created equal, and some may even pose health risks to the wearer. One common yet damaging feature of many swim trunks is a “mesh lining”, which can cause chaffing, irritation and discomfort. While the notorious “mesh liner” may seem like a harmless feature, it may be what causes the demise of your summer plans!

Here are some of the ways that mesh in swim trunks can be harmful:

Chafing: The rough texture of the mesh lining can cause friction against the skin, leading to painful chafing. This is especially common in the groin area, where the mesh can rub against sensitive skin.

Irritation: In addition to chafing, the mesh lining can also cause skin irritation. This can be due to the material itself, or to sweat and bacteria that can build up in the mesh.

Bacterial growth: Speaking of bacteria, the mesh lining can be a breeding ground for all kinds of microbes. Moisture and warmth create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive, and the mesh can trap sweat and other bodily fluids close to the skin. This can lead to infections and unpleasant odors.

Uncomfortable: Although a mesh linings' entire purpose is to provide comfort to the wearer, it often leads to a day full of rearranging and discomfort.

So, if mesh in swim trunks is bad for you, what's the alternative? One option is to choose swim trunks without a mesh lining altogether - we know what you’re thinking: where does the meat and veg go? Indecent exposure is calling your name!
And for these entire reasons alone, Tucann Swimwear developed a first of its kind Aqua Liner; a soft, stretchy, form fitting material that provides comfort and support, in and out of the water. Tucann’s Aqua Liner technology creates a barrier from external threats such as sand and dirt from getting in and causing irritation. Furthermore the lycra like material is smooth and comfortable, holding everything in place.
Additionally, there is no need to layer underwear with your swim trunks, as the Aqua Liner acts as a second skin and replaces the need to wear anything under your swimwear.

In conclusion, the mesh lining in swim trunks may seem like a small detail, but it can have a big impact on your health and comfort. By choosing Tucann Swim Trunks you can guarantee yourself a comfortable and unbothered day in and around the water, all thanks to the Aqua Liner.

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