Tucann Beach Club T-Shirt - White

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Size S

Welcome to Tucann Beach Club!

Everything you need to feel relaxed and laid back you can find in our Beach Club Tee!

The loose fit nature but premium quality of this short sleeve t-shirt is perfect for an evening out or casual daily wear. Accompanied with a bold eye-catching Tucann logo that deem's you part of the club!

We intentionally hand picked Sorona Cotton for our men's tee which has proven lower environmental impact than regular cotton and is extra smooth to the touch. The ribbed neckline and curved hemming adds a touch or character while still remaining sleek and universally wearable! Bring comfort and style to your wardrobe in this relaxed yet refined men's short sleeve tee!
If the weekend were a t-shirt, this would be it!


    • Soft, comfortable and durable
    • Ribbed neckline
    • Curved hemming
  • Cooling properties and lightweight
  • Great stretch and "spring"
  • Sustainable sourcing and manufacturing 
  • Eco-efficient and recycled Sorona Cotton material
  • Casual and relaxed fit

Model wears a size Large