Here's Four of the Most Luxurious Boat Cruises in the World

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There is no better way to see the world than to view it while travelling on a peaceful cruise. You can sit up on deck, feel the gentle sea breeze caress your skin, smell the faint scent of salt in the air, the sun kissing your bare arms and legs, the great blue wonder completely surrounding you on all sides. You will be in awe. When you are out on the water, you are free. The sense you get out there will fill your soul with essential essence while the water floats you to pastures new. You will be able to get off and explore a remote desert island or visit some exotic city gem. It is something to dress up for, to wear those colourful shorts where there may be no opportunity otherwise. There are parties on board and social life. You will meet people of all colours and creed, and you will never want to get off.

With that in mind, here are some luxurious boat cruises you must board.

Panama, Central America and Cuba Discovery

This is a fantastic cruise and is breathtakingly stylish by way of the Seven Seas Navigator cruise liner, which simply drips luxury. There is nothing quite like it for the traveller who wants to see the world in absolute comfort. There are open bars and lounges, and there are restaurants and seven steak houses on board  You start the trip of a life-time from Lima, Peru, South America - flights included of course, and you finish up in the sunshine state of Florida, in Miami. Where your new adventure can begin again if you want it to.

The Western Carribean Discovery and New Orleans

What could be better than island-hopping around the Carribean? Sun, Sea, Cocktails, stunning scenery. Set off from Southampton and never look back while the gorgeous Ventura cruise liner takes you away. There is a two-deck theatre on board and plenty of restaurants and bars. You will stop in Spain where you can dip in the sea before you head over the open ocean to Bermuda and beyond. Every day will be a party.

Adriatic and Aegean Isles Discovery

If you have ever wanted to see the Parthenon in Greece but never managed to go. Well, the Aurora is waiting for you. This luxury liner for you, she will cause you to float into the city as if you were one of the Ancient Greek Gods. See the Parthenon slowly growing closer as you soak up the rays on deck. Why not put the swim shorts on and take the weight off, as you marvel at the Ancient world coming to greet you.

Secrets of the Douro

What about a stunning river cruise through Portugal and Spain? This round trip tour onboard the Emerald Radiance will take you from Porto back to Porto. You will glide you serenely through some of the most stunning scenery the Douro river can offer. Watch the world go by and venture out to one of the vineyards and have a little wine tasting. You will never want to disembark.

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