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Expectations for men's swim trunks are high. The thigh grazing summer essential must withstand sun, sweat, sand and sea all while still looking good! Even if you're not an avid surfer riding waves all day, swim shorts are an essential for summer barbecues, warm days at the lake or lounging by the pool on vacation!

With the world finally opening up, you've probably banked up some vacation time and some vibrant men's swim shorts are absolutely essential. 
Swim trunks, swim shorts, board shorts, whatever you decide to call them should always be stylish, comfortable and ready for some H20. And the best thing about swim shorts - you don't actually have to wear them in the water, it's double bang for your buck! So with that being said, let's jump into the most on trend vibrant swim trunks for 2022!

Although it's important to keep some black and white swim trunks on rotation, vibrant swim shorts can often be overlooked, but adding some color to your summer wardrobe pallet could be exactly what it needs. After all, you don't want to blend in to an overpacked beach and colorful swim trunks can still be easily paired with a black or white tee and some loafers.

Here are our top 4 favourite bright and vibrant men's swim trunks to keep you on trend and turning heads all summer long!

Gold Swim Shorts:
These are the most wearable swim trunks of the bunch. A solid black base decorated with gold patters makes this an easy pair of trunks to pair with a button down and jewellery to dress up the look!

Black and White Swirl Swim Shorts:
99.99999999 ( you get the point ) percent of men own a pair of black or white swim shorts, but we're starting a new trend! Theres just something about about these patterned swims shorts that scream "PUT ME ON!". And why wouldn't you, they're quick drying after all!

Neapolitan Swirl Swim Shorts:
This pair of summer swim shorts incorporate bright and contrasting colorways and brings a smidge more fun to the pool party. These 4" pool shorts decorated with metal hardware, an elastic waistband and a black drawcord so they don't slip down when exiting the water!

Blue Swirl Swim Shorts:
Emulating the tropical turquoise waters of Thailand, these blue swim shorts will have you wishing you were at the beach. Flaunting a 4" length, zipper pockets and quick drying components, they're just about all you need to take on your vacations!

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  • Love the Neapolitan Swirl Swim Shorts. Want to order when available.

    Ronald Kleb on

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