Swim Trunks vs Board Shorts: Are they the same?

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Swim Trunks vs Board Shorts: Are they the same?

If you're a swimwear connoisseur like us, we know you know the answer … If you’re new to mens swimwear, let us break it down for you!
In short, swim trunks ( or swims shorts if you’re from down under ) and board shorts are not the same. In fact there are extremely important differences between the two.

As swimwear specialists we will break down the difference between the old, daggy, knee length board shorts and the now modern, high fashioned swim trunks. . . Let’s go!

What are board shorts?
Board shorts are long, loose fitting shorts generally worn by surfers or skaters, plus a lot of females who are involved in water sports wear them too.

What are swim trunks?
Unlike board shorts, swim trunks have multiple functions and purposes. You aren’t only confined to relaxing in them. You can lounge, swim or be ready to take on the waves. Think of them as multi-purpose shorts.

Two very important differences:
1: Boardshorts don’t have inbuilt mesh
Unless you enjoy the feel of wet underwear, you should probably ditch the boardies!
2: No elastic waistband
Most board shorts have a velcro front. . . We know what you’re thinking. Not very aesthetic nor very secure. Tucann trunks don’t only have a sleek drawstring with metal hardware, they also have an elasticised waistband at the back so you will feel extra secure!

Aside from the obvious length difference, if you’re someone who is looking for men’s shorts that look awesome in and out of the water, swim trunks are the shorts for you. Swim trunks usually feature colourful or unique prints, (although this doesn’t mean that swim trunks don’t come in solid color) and are even styled with metal hardware ( like ours 😉 ) whereas board shorts are generally a dark solid colour. Overall, what we’re really trying to say is - swim trunks are easily more fashionable than board shorts.

If you have ever shopped for swim trunks and boardshorts in person, you would notice a difference in the material used. Generally board shorts are a little softer than swim trunks however this can mean that boardshorts have a longer drying time. Tucann’s swim trunks however, aren’t only quick drying, but also have the perfect composition of softness and four way stretch. How’s that for comfort!

We normally associate water sports such as surfing with boardshorts, but, who’s to say you can’t surf and look good at the same time? While most of the time surfers reach for boardies, swim trunks are more than well equipped to take on the waves. Not only will the elasticised waistband and drawstring closure ensure they stay up, they also provide a decent amount of stretch and flexibility.

The general consensus:
While board shorts are good, swim trunks are phenomenal. It’s time to ditch those plain, old baggy things that look like something your grandpa would wear and chuck on a pair of sleek, high functioning swim trunks that will have you doing it all. 

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