The evolution of men's swimwear!

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For most of human history, bathing had always been done, well, naked! What we wear at the beach or pool sure has come a long way! Before the 19th century there were only a few cultures who wore “swimwear”, and since swimming was only for men, what was the point in wearing a swimsuit? Nowadays, it’s pretty rare to see someone swimming in a public place au naturel! Men's swimwear has gone through many variations over the time, so let’s take a trip down the men’s swimwear history lane, shall we?

In 1920, a modest one piece that went from the arm to the knee and was all the rage when in came to mens swimwear, however in the the early to mid 1900’s the first prototype of mens swim shorts were boxy, woolen garments, weighing 9lbs, which made it extremely difficult to swim and had a tendency to fall down once wet. Let’s be thankful they’re no longer in fashion.

In the mid 19th century, textile innovation led to the invention of nylon and spandex briefs! Men’s swimwear morphed from heavy and baggy to small and snug. Thankfully, this swimwear material was one you could actually swim in. By the 1980’s, men’s swimwear took off in a big way! Shorts became shorter and tighter, and colors became more daring and brighter!

As years progressed, so did male swimwear, leading us to today, where the men’s swim trunks are short, tight and bright. As male swimwear evolved, so did it’s properties and technologies, with quick dry capabilities and internal zip pockets, they sure have come a long way.

Did you know?
The early 1900’s were all about modesty and it was actually illegal for men to go shirtless at the beach? As the law was lifted in the 1930’s so did the hemline of mens swim trunks!

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