6 reasons why you need to get a pair of Tucann Swim Trunks!

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With an endless amount of men’s swimwear options available nowadays, it can become overwhelming and difficult to choose the right brand for you! Tucann swim is unlike any other, we’re specialists, so you can trust us when we say we know exactly what you look for when shopping for men’s swim shorts! There are numerous reasons to make the switch to Tucann, but we won’t hold you up too long! Here are 6 reasons why you need to get yourself a pair of Tucann’s!

In-built liner for all day comfort:
Are you sick of your swim trunks sticking to your legs after getting wet? And the hassle of always having to rearrange yourself? Plus, we all know that chlorine and salt water is bad for your underwear! Who wants to sit in wet jock’s all day anyway? Our in-built liner is a crowd pleaser, and for good reason! It's not made of mesh, which is harsh on the skin and uncomfortable to wear! Our innovative liner is made from lycra and acts as a second skin layer, providing a generous amount of support and comfort for all day wear! Say ‘goodbye’ to wet jocks and ‘hello’ to absolute comfort!

100+ prints and counting:
No matter what your style is, we can guarantee there’s a pair of Tucann swim trunks for you! From patterns, to fluros, to monochrome prints, every pair of Tucann swim shorts are carefully designed with function and style as a focus. To add to the aesthetics, our mens swim shorts have sleek zipper pockets, a raised Tucann logo and luxurious hardware, which all work cohesively to create the best looking men’s swim shorts!

Quick drying and four-way stretch for beach to bar wear:
Have you ever wanted to head to the bar after a day at the pool but annoyingly have to scoot back to your room to change? Ugh, the inconvenience. Well, you can forget about that with Tucann, because all of our swim trunks are smartly designed with quick drying properties and a four-way stretch material blend, allowing for full range of motion so you can summersault into the pool restriction free! Forget about wasting time drying off or changing and be ready to hit the bar with your head held high!

Zipper pockets. . .  And did we mention they’re sand proof?
Want to keep your phone, keys and wallet all in one place without lugging a bag around all day? Say hello to Tucann’s innovative sand proof zip pockets! The generously sized zip pockets means your essentials are never far away! Just be sure to empty your swim short pockets before going for a dip!

Technical waistband for the perfect fitment:
Are you sick of having to hitch up your swim trunks when diving in the pool or hopping out? Consider it a crisis averted with Tucann’s technical waistband technology! Featuring an elasticised half waistband at the back and a sturdy drawstring closure at the front for fall down proof wear!

Our customer satisfaction is guaranteed and here's the proof:
There's a reason why we know you will love Tucann - because all of our customers do! The proof is in the pudding with 1000+ customer verified 5 star reviews across 100+ countries! Don’t just take our word for it, check out what our customers have to say!

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