The best designer swim trunks to wear at the beach and beyond!

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Let’s be honest, we have been stuck in loungewear for the past year and with summer temperatures blaring it's really not the worst time to invest in a pair of designer swim trunks.
Afterall, not only do designer swim shorts look amazing, they usually last longer and have well thought out components and features that make for the perfect leisurely beach day.

If you’re the type of man who wears the same beaten up old swim trunks or settles for whatever is in your closet - it’s time to treat yourself! Picture yourself lounging pool-side, cocktail in hand in a pair of designer swim trunks that have you at the centre of attention!
Below we have collected a list of high end swim trunks that will have you feeling and looking your best, from sunrise to sunset.

Golden Pineapple Swim Trunks
Our Golden Pineapple swim trunks are as sophisticated as they come! Cut above the knee, the universally flattering shape elevates the luxuriousness. The golden pineapple pattern is complemented with heavy duty black eyelets on the end of the drawstrings, accessorising the shorts even further. Pair these swim trunks with some heavy gold jewellery and you're set for a day of poolside lounging accompanied with a cocktail and a platter of oysters. 

Golden Tiles Swim Trunks

Looking for a pair of men’s swim trunks that spell absolute pure bliss? You have come to the right place! These golden swim trunks ooze tropical vibes! The minimalist geometric design compliments the marble-like background seamlessly. Beyond their charming aesthetics, they’re also functional for pool or sea-side, being both comfortable and quick drying. Furthering their looks, these swim shorts have a raised golden logo and crisp gold hardware.

Black Palms White Swim Trunks

If the beach or pool is your second home then these are the swim trunks for you. The slick and sophisticated monochrome print is easy to dress up with a pair of designer sunnies and heavy jewellery. You’ll remain perfectly relaxed thanks to quick drying capabilities and an inner lining and ready to hit Hollywood Hills in no time!

Fluro Yellow Swim Trunks

If simplicity isn’t your style, don’t shy away from these swim trunks. Featuring a summer friendly colour, these fluro swim shorts are perfect to feel that little bit luxe this summer! They’ll stand out in water and make an even bigger statement on land! Pay homage to the quick dry capabilities - you can do both! The silver Tucann eyelets on the end of the drawstring radiate opulence. Crisp enough to pair with a white shirt and silver jewelry for an on-point summer look.

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